Hello World! (For real, from me)

Well, here I am! I guess if you’re going to follow my blog, you should know a bit about me…

What makes me who I am is 99% the people in my life…

At home, in Lancaster PA, I have my other thirds. World, meet Sarah and Shelby!

And in Blacksburg VA, I found my other thirds. Meet LauraBell, and Andy!


The other 1% of who I am is a messy bundle of the things about me!

– Most of my time is spent with my friends. I’m ridiculously social and talkative!

– A lot of my time is spent working with Relay For Life, of the American Cancer Society. I’m actively taking a part in the fight against cancer! You should too.

– I like burritos and sweet tea. Give me a burrito and a sweet tea, and we’ll be friends.

– I’m finally moving to my favorite place in the entire world, Wilmington NC!

I decided on LifeWithWaves in reference to my new location… but today LauraBell reminded me that life comes with it’s ups and downs… like a wave!

But for now… “I’m never gonna grow up, never gonna slow down. I’m gonna shine like lighters in the dark in the middle of a rock show. Gonna do it right, and come alive. And get myself caught up in the southern summer barefoot blue jean nights.”


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