You have to find inspiration.

When you wake up in the morning, what do you think? What thought, or words, or anything… gets you through the day? When you go to bed at night, did you use your day to it’s fullest? Did you do everything you could to make that the best day of your life?

Recently I find myself getting up out of bed thinking “Oh here we go. Just 12 hours. I can do this”  – but I HATE that. And when I go to bed? “Oh thank God. It’s over. I can sleep now”. WHY do I live like that? It’s time to change this. This is unacceptable. I’m wasting the days of my life.

If we live to be 85, then I have 23,360 days left. I have 23,360 days to be amazing. I have 0 days to waste. So what’s the inspiration?

Well last night, it was 2 girls, who joined hands to change their lives. Olivia and Hannah – although I think they were gorgeous to start with – weren’t happy. They didn’t like the lives they were living. They were blinking away the days without doing anything about it. But they found some inspiration. (And part of me thinks that Bob and Jillian yelling at you would be inspiration enough for me to do just about anything). But they found something – a goal, a future, a number, a life. They found the inspiration to change their lives. And LOOK at them now. I mean HOLY CRAP. They went from sad to happy. Unmotivated to unstoppable. These girls went from beautiful – to stunning.

How do they wake up now? Who knows. But I’m sure their first thoughts go something along the lines of “I am amazing. I am going to have an amazing day”. And I would be willing to bet that they go to bed satisfied. I am going to be like them one day. I am going to wake up every day and show the world who’s boss. I’m going to inspire other people.

So first, we gotta get rid of the gross. So what is it? Is it your weight? Is it work? Is it school? Is it how you are spending your free time?

I’m challenging myself, so I challenge you. Find whatever it is that you hate. Stomp it out and get yourself up and DO SOMETHING about it. Find what can make you happy. You have to have a reason to wake up in the morning. And I want to go to bed at night 100% satisfied, and excited for tomorrow.

I’m doing it. I’m getting there. I’m at step one, but thats where you have to start. Find step one and make it happen.

You can live the live you dream of.

I leave you with this. A video / song of the day!

Be AWESOME today.


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