How I’m Fixing it.

Remember how I said you can’t waste days? Well I was. I am. But I’m fixing it.

This is my new home!

And this is where I get to spend my time :)


So with Corey, and Josiah, and sweet little abby…

We’re gonna have one fabulous apartment :)

Why wouldn’t I stay and finish school here? I only have 2 years left. Then I can go have that future? Why am I leaving when I’m almost done? Because being almost done is still 2 years away from true happiness. It’s still 2 years away from being completely free and doing absolutely anything my mind can dream up. Remember how I said I have 0 days to waste? Well that’s why. That’s why I’m leaving now. That’s why I can’t wait. I won’t waste days wishing I was doing something else. I’m changing it now.

I can’t wait to start my life in Wilmington. I think I always knew I was going to end up there… and here I am – packing up and making it happen!

If you could pack up all of your belongings, move somewhere new, and start a whole new life – where would you go? And what would you do when you got there?

I’m on my way.

Dream big. Stay real. Love always.


2 responses to “How I’m Fixing it.

  1. get it girl. :) so excited for you.

    p.s. i DID see this post earlier, but for some reason when you were talking about Abby today I was picturing a golden lab. :P

  2. You have made a good start at living your life exactly as you wish to. May I remind you, living life on your terms is a forever commitment. Don’t miss a day of it. Go, as I do, where the wind takes you; you will never regret having done so. I love you. N Sascha

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