Desk : Accomplished!

Remember how “Get a desk” was on my to do list? Well instead of buying a desk, I went to Home Depot and bought wood for $9. Then I built a desk :)

Step one: Purchase.

Step 2: Build.

Step 3: Use.


Pretty cool, huh? I bet Laura is proud of how I replaced the desk :)

Is it perfect? No. Is it sturdy? Kind of. Did I enjoy this? Oh. Yes. I. Did.

Next project: A wall shelf for the Hammonds :)

Tomorrow: My first day of work at Moe’s! I got 5 days of work this week which is about 28 hours. Within a few weeks I should start my marketing work… so that should keep me pretty busy! On the side, I will continue my crafting :)

Cleaning up for the rest of the night. Still need to organize this room! Didn’t realize I had so much stuff :0

A song to leave you with :) Jam out and enjoy!


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