The Most Important Post I’ll Ever Write.

Dear friends,

All things considered, my life pretty much revolves around helping others. With my work for the American Cancer Society, my outward support for TOMS, and my general love for helping people (especially children) there is no doubt that I was meant to come across Laura Holderfield. This beauty has dedicated her life to basically the same thing… helping others, and showing them LOVE.

This is Me and the lovely LauraBell :) You can tell just by her smile that she has a heart of gold that she just wants to give away.

Laura and I spend each and every day fundraising. Plain and simple: Other people need things more than we do. Her passion? Nicaragua’s beautiful children :)

Don’t those pictures just make your heart smile? Laura is leading a trip to Nicaragua this summer. She is taking 20 people with her from her church – to go spend time with kids in Nicaragua. She is taking people with hearts like hers, to go to an orphanage and show these kids some love.

Laura has been there enough times, routinely, now, that these lovely faces remember her. She belongs to them. Laura is going to make a great mom one day, but I can honestly say that she already has children. She already loves them like her own.

A few months ago, Laura decided that just going there wasn’t enough. So she launched a shoe drive. Laura and the team collected over 1500 pairs of shoes to take to Nicaragua to ensure that kids get to go to school. The news even came!

Today, she is 41 days away from leaving with her team for their summer trip to Nicaragua. And the team still needs $6,000. That’s $147 a day to meet their goal. But she can’t do this by herself. PLEASE Help her help them.

You can mail a check to Laura Holderfield at 65 Bowling Lane, Galax VA 24333 (Yep, she really lives on bowling lane).

If you want to help make a difference in the life of a child, please consider donating to Laura. She’d love it, and so would the kids :)


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