Wrote this one a few days ago… sorry for the delay :)

Tonight I was sitting at the beach… in my chair, just where the waves rush over your feet :) And when the water went back, my feet would leave footprints. And within 3 seconds, another would come, and wash it all away… and I’d be left with a clean slate to draw all over with my toes. And this got me thinking.

I believe there is a verse about footprints…and God always being with you, even when his footprints are not there. And how suddenly… my footprints were erased. When my footprints are gone, will someone know that I was there? I can set foot all over this earth, but that will never matter. Because what matters is what you do when you get there.

Sitting there at the edge of the water, I was humbled. There was no person, no boat, no pier in sight. Just me, the ocean, the moon and the stars. I was so very, very, humbled. I felt so small. I felt so insignificant. I felt like one in 7 billion. I remembered that I am just one, small person, in a world of many. My life is one small part of this world. But as my footprints were washed away, I remembered that just because I am small, and one in 7 million, doesn’t mean my life has to be insignificant and meaningless.

My footprints on this earth are tiny, and removable. But if I leave them all over, surely one can be remembered. If I walk into an orphanage and walk out, I’ve done nothing. If I walk in, hug a child and tell them they are loved, I have made a difference. If I go about my day and smile at no one, and walk only in my own path, I will have done nothing. If I go through my day and live outward with others, I will have left a mark.

What kind of mark do you want to leave on this earth?

If your footprints are in harm, let them be washed away and your slate made clean. If your footprints come with heart, let them be remembered and cherished forever.

Live long, love strong, and be beautiful.


One response to “Humbled.

  1. you have left footprints on my heart and i love you.

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