Oh oh, won’t you help me sing this song

I know January 1st is the official time to call the “New Year” but when you are in college, that time is August! I can’t believe the summer is already half over! Corey is finally back in town, and we are getting ready to renew our lease with a 3rd roommate (2 options: both guys, both with dogs). And then the most exciting part, starting a new school year.

My boss and I are working out a school year schedule so that I can work in the store between classes and do marketing work with him as well. This is neat because I will get to work with many schools, churches, clubs, and other organizations – making connections!

LauraBell is off to Nicaragua next week!!! I can’t believe all of her hard work is finally coming together to the big trip :) I bet those kids can’t wait to see you!

And Shelby is trekking through Europe!!! All my friends are going on these crazy trips!

If I had the chance, I think I’d go island hopping :) That would probably be my ideal vacation… although they would have to be islands with chicken. I have completely and 100% sworn off seafood.

Another great night at work ahead of me with some fabulous people that I am happy to call my friends. And looking forward to Hope visiting on sunday, and Phil visiting early next week!

Living the good life I tell you, I’m living the good life!

Live long, love strong, be happy.


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