Danced on tabletops, took too many shots – you know the rest of the lyrics…

I wish I didn’t think so much at night – leaving me awake, and here, at awful hours of the morning. But seriously, my mind is racing!

Most nights, I’m awake at this time. Which commonly leads to unfortunate happenings like today’s 9am text “Hey can you come into work at noon instead of 5?” – which I responded to at 2pm when I woke up with… “Sorry. Guess not”.

It’s like I’ve gone nocturnal.

Regardless, here we are :) Well I’m here – you probably are reading this at a much more normal time to be awake.

Sidenote: I’ve seen again that Moe’s employees are clearly the best to go out with. That’s how it was in Blacksburg, and that’s surely how it is here in Wilmington! So, I give you this… a clear and vivid recollection of Last Friday Night with… Moe’s.

Today I watched Invictus with my friends from work – great movie! It was so neat, yet humbling, to see the state of South Africa at that time. We have it so easy – I can love, support, and be friends with whoever I want – no matter their skin color. Crazy how Nelson Mandela worked with a Rugby team to bring the country together.

Tomorrow, another quiet day at the beach, then work!

Love the life you live <3


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