Well I had this dream once, I held you in my hands.

Hello world! I hope you have enjoyed the month of August! I sure have :) Made new friends, got a little more settled, and started planning for the year. It’s been 3 months, and I am still amazed at how happy you can be when you are where you belong. There’s an “I finally found it” kind of feeling here – that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

So first let’s talk about the weather… Two days ago this town was covered in tornados and waterspouts (tornados in the ocean). I thought that was pretty neat. Today we felt the tremble of an earthquake in VA. I also thought this was pretty neat. Now, as for Irene – I’M SO EXCITED! Have I mentioned yet that I like storms? I do.

Theres a thing here called “Hurricane Parties”. – now that’s my idea of a party!

Classes start tomorrow, with Calculus at 8am. What a way to spend the morning. Although, I get to have coffee with Meghan first, that will be an acceptable start to the day. Unfortunate though that it has to happen at 7am. Rough life.

miss you laurabell <3

So… did you read the title of my post? It’s from the song that’s currently stuck in my head. “We owned the night” by Lady A

Goes a little something like this…

“Tell me have you ever wanted someone so much it hurts? Your lips keep trying to speak but you just can’t find the words… Well I had this dream once, I held you in my hands”

In light of recent events, I found this song… which I find to be timely and appropriate…

Do what you love. I’m loving what I do!


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