Risky business.

Pretty sure that’s the title of a Tom Cruise movie? Yes? Hmmm…

Anyway… when I think about my life right now, and the future I want, the bridge there seems to be available only by taking risks.

What exactly do you want in life? The biggest goals and dreams you have, could you just grab them and move on? Or is it something you’d have to fight for? Something you’d have to learn more for? Would you have to take a risk to get there?

Most of what I seem to want in life is going to have it’s risks. To share your passion, you risk criticism and failure. To get what you want, you risk the “I told you so”.

But who are you if you live in fear of what other people think and say?

Taylor Swift. Whether you like her or not, took HUGE risks to get where she is today. She started as a song writer. Which probably started with a journal. What gave her the guts to share her writing with someone? Where would she be if she never took her passion and ran with it? She probably wouldn’t be here…

And what about Bethany Hamilton? She was attacked by a shark. A freaking SHARK. She was chasing her dreams, and a shark got in the way. But despite people telling her she wouldn’t compete again, or possibly surf at all, she did what she wanted. She went against the expectations. She loved it too much to just let it go. Where would she be if she just let it go? Not here…

I feel like I could go on and on about this. But theres so much I want to do with my life. So many big dreams. One thing I definitely need to work on? Just doing it. No matter what anyone thinks or says. Just gotta do it.

Chase your dreams, live the good life.


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