It’s not work when you’re having fun :)

The only other person that probably understands this the way I do, is my LauraBell.

What are your career goals? I hope that your one and only goal, is to LOVE what you do.

Did you ever do something and think… “How can I get paid to have this much fun?” I’ve thought that many times, and I am soooo excited to know that I really figured it out.

Relay For Life here in New Hanover County (my first experience with a county Relay) is SO different. And it hasn’t even started! The feeling I get here is of development. More people need to be reached, the event needs to get bigger, UNCW needs it’s OWN event… it’s all development! This is the first time that I have felt like I HAVE the skills, and now I get to USE them. I have one GIANT task list… and I’ve been here… 12 weeks? Ohy…

VTRelay knows better than every other collegiate Relay out there. And that taught me a lot! I still have so much more to learn, but I’m excited that now, I get to use what I know, to help another Relay. I hope we kick ass this year!!!! Scratch that…. we WILL be kicking ass this year. Brunswick and all the other whatchamacallit counties out there better watch out!!! New Hanover is gonna roll the dice this year…. Get ready to rumble :)

Countdown to the official start of relay2012? 2DAYS. And in the honor of Relay, I give you this…


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