What a beautiful mess I’m in.

I don’t care what anyone says, country music has the best, most honest, lyrics.

What a beautiful mess, what a beautiful mess I’m in. To spend all my time with you, there’s nothing else I’d rather do. What a sweet addiction that I’m caught up in, cause I can’t get enough – can’t stop the hunger for your love. What a beautiful mess I’m in. Is it your eyes, is it your smile? All I know is that your driven me wild.

I wouldn’t trade one single day, proud to say I love this place. Give me a Saturday night my baby by my side with sweet home Alabama and a six pack of lights. An old dirt road and I’ll be just fine. Give me a Sunday morning that’s full of grace – A simple life and I’ll be okay, yeah I’ll be okay here in small town USA.

Proud to say I love this place.

Yeah when I get where I’m going, there’ll be only happy tears. I will shed the sins and struggles, I have carried all these years. And I’ll leave my heart wide open, I will love and have no fear. Yeah when I get where I’m going, Don’t cry for me down here. I’m gonna walk with my granddaddy, and he’ll match me step for step. And I’ll tell him how I’ve missed him every minunte since he left. And then I’ll hug his neck. When I get where I’m going on the far side of the sky – the first thing that I’m gonna do is spread my wings and fly. I’m gonna land beside a lion, and run my fingers through his mane, or I might find out what it’s like to ride a drop of rain. And when I get where I’m going, and I see my maker’s face, I’ll stand forever in the light of his amazing grace.

I’m gonna walk with my granddaddy, and he’ll match me step for step.

Blue eyes and auburn hair – sittin’ lookin’ pretty by the fire in a lawn chair. New to town, and new to see. Her ruby red lips will be sippin’ on sweet tea. I’ll shoot you into love like a shootin’ star, so grab a beer and your old guitar. Then we’ll sit around till the break of dawn – howlin’ and singin’ our favorite song.

Not me. Yet. Hahahahahah

Do what you love, love what you do, and listen to good music :)



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