“love one another as I have loved you.”

So I’m reading a book. (Yes, now is the moment to gasp, Oh My!) I’m really reading a book. Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie.


In his book, he talks about how TOMS started, and he then encourages the reader to do the same. Find your passion, make it happen. TOMS is now a huge company. And it started when his heart hurt for others.

Long story short, on a trip to Argentina, he found people that didn’t have shoes. And he learned how that severely impacted their lives, and decided to do something about it. (Ironically, I’m doing exactly what the rest of the book is about – having a story that you can tell, and that other people will want to share with complete strangers. I’m telling his story. I’m that woman in the airport. I tell you, this man is a champ.)

Ask anyone, I’m not super religious. But I sure do believe in the positive influence of the Bible. Blake has single handedly done just what the title (John 15:12) says. When your heart hurts for others, recognize it, and do something about it.

You have to find what you are passionate about. That’s how you find a career you love.

Walk in love.


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