Someone might catch you singing in the car, and that’s okay :)

Tonight on my way home from work, I was totally jamming out to the new Lady A cd, had the stereo about as loud as it goes, and was singing my heart out. I totally tuned out the rest of the world, because in the 5 minute drive home, I was trying to clear my head.

Well it worked, and my head clearing was going so well that I completely neglected the fact that other human beings are on the road too, and are watching me make a fool of myself. Nice man at the red light just waved and laughed. Hope I made his night.

Because in the shower, and in the car, and when you’re the only one in the fridge at work, even if only for a second… I’m a freaking Rock Star :)

Happy End of Monday :) – it can only go up from here!

Be a rock star :)


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