Have you heard about @Pledge2Pedal?

So my friend Lauren started this project… that revolves around riding a bike. Cool! Right?

(Follow: @Pledge2Pedal)

You have no idea! This project is going places – before you know it, this will be on college campuses all over the country… and the best part? Participants will be making a difference!

For now – the plan is to get the word out – get people to use alternative modes of transportation. Bike, bus, carpool… and walk! You know those things at the bottom of your legs? They’re called feet. Let’s stop being lazy.

So how do you get to school? To work? Is it close enough that you could ride your bike? Give it a shot!

Eventually – participants will be able to pledge their miles to benefit a national issue – literacy. Initially – in the Appalachia region surrounding VT.

You know Frank Beamer’s Herma’s Readers? All those white out shirts? This could be the next huge benefit for Herma’s Readers! LEGIT! Right?!?!

So what’s the inbetween? Marketing like mad. Grant writing (let’s be honest, Lauren is doing all of this part). Recruiting. All using social media? FREAKING SWEET! LauraBell would have a heart attack thinking of ways to market this – and she’d come up with the best. Maybe I should chat with her about it. Yes, I will.

Where do I fit in? Well I had one teeny tiny idea in the very beginning, and now BAM. I get to work with Lauren on this project! She’s in HokieLand, and I’m all the way down here in Wilmy. But why not tap 2 worlds at once? And truly, we live in two completely different worlds, with two completely different populations.

Tomorrow 2 lucky Wilmingtonians will find @Pledge2Pedal bracelets on their bikes. I hope they follow the twitter account! Method to the madness: Find the nicest bikes I can – I wanna find some serious peddlers!

Ride on young ones.


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