We should just have Christmas in Wilmington…

I mean it would be warmer. Average December – January temps here are 50-60 F. At home, for Christmas, it’s likely going to be in the…. well…. negatives. Gross!

ahhhh warmth.

So I propose Christmas in Wilmington! Who needs snow? Ugh.

Nahhhhh – I’ll be going North to good old PA for the holiday. Can’t pass up time with my dog, my family, and a beer with an old friend.

We won’t be booking any late night flights though. Harrisburg airport closes at midnight – I’m not risking getting stuck because of snow!

Thanks to this past school year, I’ve gotten pretty good at flying / maneuvering in airports. Time to learn a new one – Philly! Charlotte is fabulous, and I usually try to go through there. (Also because flying through LaGuardia hasn’t been successful in the past – won’t ever try THAT again!)

Play nice, Philly.

Coolest part about flying IN to wilmy?


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