This morning…

I got up a little early for a Sunday morning – rolled out of bed at 830, ate breakfast and got ready to go.

There’s something kind of blissful about waking up on a beautiful morning, taking your time to get ready, and knowing that nothing today is going to be rushed. It’s relaxing – and I needed that. But onto the most important part of the morning…

One thing that any roommate can tell you (Katie) – I like music. Loud music. That I can sing along to. All the time.  If there is no music, I don’t feel comfortable. I fall asleep to music, (Pandora stops after 4 hours), I roll out of bed and turn the music back on, there’s always music on in the car, at work, and in class I’m usually singing a song in my head. (This can be blamed for my complete and utter lack of attention in most of my classes – except management – because that requires talking).

So by 835, zombie half asleep roommate Dan walked in and asked me to turn it down.(Reason #32023903298 I am excited for November 18th – Ill be able to play music whenever I want, as loud as I want).

So I listened to the LadyA pandora station while I was getting ready, then got in the car to head to Port City – and since that is a whopping 2.5 minute drive, I turned on the radio in time to hear just one song – God Gave Me You – by  Blake Shelton.

I get there, turn the car off, walk inside, and BAM. There it is again, playing through their sound system – God Gave Me You – Blake Shelton. Naturally I had that in my head the whole service. Distracting, really – but amazing.

I might go sit on the beach for a little bit this afternoon, or maybe go watch the sunset there. I feel too relaxed and happy right now to do anything besides relaxing activities :)

Happy Sunday,


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