Now that my parents are on the way here, I can introduce you tooooo….


Yeah… mom and dad will find out when they get here tonight :) No – they won’t like it, but she’s too cute! They’ll get over it.

She and her brothers and sisters were found in someone’s backyard, and they were all put into foster homes.

I think I picked the smartest one of the bunch, too…

She’s actually doing really well with house training. Only a few accidents here and there, that I caught fast enough to get her outside hahaha. But we’re on day 3 with no accidents!!! She’s starting to associate the front door with going outside, and it seems like she sits by it most of the time when she needs to go out.

She has learned sit, and lay down – now when you hold a treat in front of her she just sits without me having to even say so. “Stay” might as well be a joke. I make her sit, and slowly back away from her with her toy or treat in my hand and she gets all big eyed and just shakes with excitement and eventually bolts at it. She couldn’t “stay” if her life depended on it. We’ll get there.

And ohhhh the crate training. She goes in the crate whenever I’m gone. And if this girl doesn’t have the most heartbreaking howl / whine…. oh goodness. So leaving the house is a little bit of a process. And so is going to bed at night. We just talk / howl until she falls asleep or gives up. Usually about a 5 minute ordeal. She’s been waking up once in the middle of every night to go out, but otherwise sleeps pretty well.

Today was the first day she didn’t bark at the shower. We haven’t tried the hairdryer yet. But that should be fun.

But she’s 9 weeks worth of perfect puppy. (and she totally just winked at me).


One response to “Now that my parents are on the way here, I can introduce you tooooo….

  1. This is amazing. And 5 minute bedtime ordeal… that’s nothing. You (and Kenya) are doing great. <3

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