because the bird has a song…

It’s so hard to have such a structured life planned out for you.

You have to go to college. You have to get a big kid job and grow up and have a full time career with benefits. You have to put the fun things aside to get to this miserable place we call the “American Dream”.

So what if I don’t want to be a big business person? What if I don’t want to be in college. What if I want to live in a little hut at the beach and work in a neat store, or a cool restaurant? What if I want to go on missions trips the rest of my life? What if I want to start a non profit? What if I want to move every couple years? Or what if I’m content working in a coffee shop or a camp?

I think maybe I’m not your typical “American Dream” follower. I’m okay with the little things. I feel like I’m wasting my time going after the big things that you are supposed to want… I feel like I’m not chasing my own dreams. I don’t even know what my own dreams are, because I’ve been too busy the past few years trying to do what you’re told to do. You have to pay thousands of dollars a year to get the proper “education” to get a job in the highest paying field. Why can’t you be educated by living your life and meeting people and doing good things?

I kind of want to work in a cafe. Like the Causeway. Why is that so frowned upon? Why isn’t that good enough? What if that is what makes me happy?

Can something small and simple make you happy? Would you love me if that’s what made me happy?

Be kind to one another,



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