Dear Mrs. Edmonds…

Okay, I’m jumping the gun a little bit…. she won’t be Mrs. Edmonds for a few weeks yet. Okay, 19 days and 465 hours. But who’s counting?


And her.

“Wow you post about Laura a lot” – well duh. The thing is, there’s no other person on the planet that knows me like Laura does. Or loves me like Laura does. I have to admit. We might have a lady-like bromance. (And on the terms of romance, one thing I love about Laura is that I know she loves Marshall, and she hasn’t even met him yet).

If you want to know Laurabell a little bit better…. you can find that here.

In 19 days, and 464 hours, I get to stand by my best friend, and watch her marry the man of her dreams. As much as her head is probably constantly thinking about August 11th, I gotta say – mine is too. In fact last night I was dreaming about yellow fabric light strips and mason jars.

My friendship with Laura is one that has everything to do with love. And acceptance. And dreams. And nothing else. There’s no take, just give. No arguments (you’d have to disagree about something to argue about it). No moments when either of us are alone. We can back each other up 100%, even before we know what we’re backing up. If I looked at Laura and said “just agree with me” – she would. And so would I.

The best part about Laura marrying Ray (for me) is that I know nothing will change. Being Mrs. Edmonds won’t make her any less mine. It will add to our friendship in ways that we can’t even tell yet. Because in all honesty, what Ray adds to Laura’s life, is added to mine too.

Now, off to work on that speech.

I love you Laurabell xoxoxo


One response to “Dear Mrs. Edmonds…

  1. Oh my gooooosh. Stalking you and tearing up. I just met you and I love you so much. Hope that’s not creepy.

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