As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

I’m actually pretty certain that God himself did not hate. Anyone. Or anything. So if for you this whole thing is about God, and being like Him – I have to say this… You’re doing it wrong!

Okay, now that I have put my opinion out there… lets discuss this rationally.

Step back for a second. Take away your opinions on homosexuality and religion, and just look at the person. Those of you who are out in raging support of ChickFilA – what do you see? A sinner? Fair enough. You see a sinner.

Well you know what? According to the bible that you are using to back up your arguments, you too are a sinner! Shocker, I know. But if you are going to use the bible as an argument, you need to use all of the bible. Don’t use one point to back yourself up, and then skip out on another because it’s not how you feel at the moment. The bible says love thy neighbor. (Thy neighbor. Thy rich, poor, straight, gay, geeky, funny, whatever, neighbor.) So you need to “See all sin as equal” just like God did – get over it, they are no worse than you are – and start loving them. Protesting and arguing isn’t very loving is it? If anything, all of this is pushing homosexuals farther away from God, not bringing them towards Him.

Don’t feel like loving the gays? Well you’re turning your back on your own bible, and your own God. You should probably think about that.

Why why why why why can’t we all just treat each other well, ignore our differences, and love the crap out of each other? When I get to those pearly gates, I hope the list of people I loved is longer than the list of people I judged.

John 13:34 Jesus says: “Love one another. Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another”. God loves you, right? And you’re not perfect, are you?

And also, if nothing else, don’t you see your grandparents as silly for treating other races so poorly? Well, my friend, one day you’re going to have to tell your grandchildren why you were so mean to gay people. Ponder that one.


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