The Love Project

Last night I posted about my need to find time each day where I stopped what I was doing and had time for myself. This morning I woke up really early (much earlier than I needed to for my class at 11) and did just that. But, like every day, about a minute into it I got distracted. – It’s THURSDAY! I had something to do this morning. (I’m working on the not getting distracted part…)

Last week I came across Rachel’s blog. I learned that every Thursday morning, she and a few friends feed the homeless in downtown Wilmington. After contacting her about |TheLoveProject| I decided I’d go and see what it was all about!

So I grabbed a couple bananas and some crackers, and got on my way. They meet each Thursday morning in the parking lot of The Mercy House, a homeless shelter for men downtown. A line had formed much earlier in the morning, and these ladies drove in with big pots of eggs and grits, a pan of biscuits, gallons of orange juice, fruit and snacks. I was immediately welcomed with smiles and open arms – given a gallon of orange juice and some cups, and off we were. The line moved through much faster than I thought, and just like that it was done!

After we served breakfast, I got the chance to talk to a few of the women in charge of this project. A few years ago, Rachel and her friends decided that one morning they wanted to offer a home cooked meal. They wandered the streets of downtown Wilmington and handed out breakfast to whoever they came across. After that day they said “Let’s do it again!” and two years later… here we are. They have since found a regular location, volunteers and donors – and in 2 years, they have never missed a Thursday morning.

I hope to go back every Thursday morning I can, with whatever I can bring. Somedays it will be just my hands, somedays hopefully I’ll have items to contribute.

In a way, it kind of was my quiet time for the morning.

Until next time,


If you feel that you can contribute, below is a list (straight from Rachel’s site) of items needed for them to keep going.

While taking time to connect with them each week at breakfast, we recently asked them to share some of their most basic and urgent needs with us. This is how they responded:

  • back packs
  • bar soap & soap holders
  • tooth brush & tooth brush holders
  • toothpaste
  • t-shirts
  • underwear / boxers
  • deodorant (male & female)
  • razors
  • shampoo
  • feminine hygiene products
  • shoes (used)
  • socks
  • jeans
  • shower shoes
  • XXL-XXXL shirts (as these are hard for them to find)
  • gloves, hats, blankets, coats (for winter)

12 responses to “The Love Project

  1. Annalee this is WONDERFUL!! There is nothing more humbling or uplifting at the same time than serving others. Blessings to you as you continue your adventure!

    • Thank you! I’ve decided that since I can’t always give my time, I’m going to start collecting the hygiene items they give out at the end of each month. Hoping that can make a similar impact.

  2. You are an amazing young woman, Annalee.

  3. It was a joy to have you show up at Love Project this morning! I love your heart and look forward to seeing more of you and getting to know you better!

  4. Thanks so much for helping with our video cast, to help get the word out about our homeless friends. You Rock!!! See you soon!

  5. Awwwwww, I missed you. I am usually there too. Love your blog post. Thanks for coming to help us out!! Can’t wait to meet you.

  6. AH!!! I want to come visit one Thursday!

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