Crockpot Turkey Chili and Clean House.

Well another week has passed, and like at the end of each week (or beginning, depending how you look at it) I started out my morning at PC3. Another great message by Mike, and another great morning serving with my Blue Team!

My intention today was to do absolutely nothing. Fail. Lesson number 1) when you washing machine is “broken” for a week, the amount of laundry that piles up is INSANE, especially when you add to it the couple loads you had planned on doing the day you found out the washing machine was broken. So while laundry continuously spun, and Marshall continuously folded (thankfully he doesn’t mind folding laundry. I’d do every other cleaning duty til kingdom come if he’s always willing to fold laundry). So I cleaned house while he folded the mountains of laundry, warmed up the leftover Indochine (thoughts on that: delicious but expensive. But gave us 3 days of leftovers) and decided to make crockpot chili for tomorrow!

Now, I made it tonight because I won’t have time to do it tomorrow. Laurabell, you gotta try this! Easy, cheap, and fabulously delicious.

Annalee’s Most Fabulous Crockpot Chili!

1) Gook 1lb of fat free ground turkey! (Yes, we use turkey, not ground beef!!)

2) While that cooks, in a crock pot add 1 (or 2) 28oz cans of tomato sauce. (I don’t love tomato sauce so I use one).

3)Also add, 2 cans of chipotle corn, 2 handfulls of mixed peppers (red, yellow, and green), 2 small cans of diced chilies, 1 bunch of green onions, and 1 container of mushrooms.

4) Sprinkle on top: Cumin, Oregano, Chili Powder, Crushed Red Pepper, Garlic Salt, Pepper, and anything else you find you like.

5) Add the cooked turkey and mix well.

6) I put it in the fridge to cook tomorrow, but now you can go ahead and turn the crockpot on, go about your day and come home to a most fabulous dinner!

The most expensive part about it is buying all the spices, but they last FOREVER because you only use a bit at a time.

Last, give a spoonful of an “OOPS! Look what I dropped on the floor!” to the puppy waiting so patiently to try your dinner.


Love to all (hah, I think that means about 2) faithful readers!



3 responses to “Crockpot Turkey Chili and Clean House.

  1. definitely trying this soon! probably won’t do the mushrooms tho..

  2. Yay for ground turkey!

  3. I just think you’re a pretty good writer Annalee.

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