What are they telling you?

It’s funny – every Sunday and Monday, my Facebook is filled with “What our pastor told us” posts. (Note: never see these Tuesday through Saturday, but if the message is sticking with you at least on Monday, you’re going steps in the right direction).

I can’t help but notice that so many of these posts are reflecting on what seems to be a pastor’s message of “you’re broken. you’re a sinner. you’re not worthy. you need to better yourself”… you you you you you!!! This frustrates me. I’ve never left Port City feeling like Mike lectured me on how much of a sinner I am! Instead, each week I leave with a message that “I can change the world. I can make a difference. I can share the love”.

Both of these messages portray the “God loves you no matter what” idea. But one tears you down, and one brings you up. One locks you in a cage, and one sets you free. One makes you useless, one tells you to be  more useful than you ever thought possible!

I wish everyone in every church left each Sunday feeling like they could change the world. Makes me sad to read about a church or a pastor making their congregation feel torn down and useless. At Port City, I always feel like everything is about helping everyone else. Just as I feel it should be. What’s the point in your church if you’re not using your love for the good of others?

“Because I am loved, I’m able to love.” – Well go and love the crap out of somebody!

What are they telling you? I challenge you readers to make sure that your church is making you better the world while you better yourself. If you aren’t trying to better the world, then what are you really doing?


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