Where were you?

My friend Lauren posted this morning -Today will forever be that “where were you?” day of our generation-.

In light of wanting to know where everyone was, and knowing that every year, we’ll all tell each other what we remember, I decided that today I’ll compile a list of what I’m reading from my friends online. I’ll add what I see throughout the day, and I’ll be interested to see where this leads me tonight. Come along with me.

11 years ago I witnessed some horrific events as they unfolded right in front of me. Some memories can never be forgotten. But the thing about New Yorkers, we bounce back. Better. Tougher. Stronger. And today, I honor my hometown. I ♥ New York, more than ever.

I was in an 8am college old testament class discussing how much war and tribulation many nations faced in the bible and how as americans in this day and age we’ve been blessed to not have many wars on our soil. As class let out into the lobby at 9 we watched in terror as the second plane hit.

I remember, and I will teach my children to remember without bitterness, hate or anger. I will teach them that it’s okay to acknowledge the hurt of others and all that happened to our country, but to aim our focus more on the healing that followed.

Today it is important to remember, but it is also important to reflect. I am reflecting on the world I AM raising my children in, and how it differs from the one I expected to raise them in. So much of that changed 11 years ago, and I need to work harder to change it back.

Today is a day that lives in infamy. I will never forget those who lost their lives through a cowardly act of terror. Nor will I forget the heroes who risked, and in some cases gave their lives to help.

a day i’ll never forget… remembering all the heroes, praying for all the families.. 9/11/01

I’m in the same classroom 2day remembering/teaching about #9/11 that i was in watching it 11 years ago as a hs student. #alwaysremember

I remember being on the phone with Maggie when the first plane hit. We were trying to figure out if it was an accident. I remember both of us being utterly stunned when the second one hit. A devastating day, one never to be forgotten.

Thinking about what happened 11 years ago today, I’m reminded that I am from the greatest country in the world. Not because of our politicians or presidents or “wealth”. But because of the strength of our people. God bless America and may we never forget.


thinking of those around the world today who have no choice but to remember…

i remember the day like it was yesterday. how have 11 years gone by so fast? never forget. 9/11/01

It’s just after midnight so it is now September 11,2012. Eleven years have gone, so unfortunately have most of the Flags we all flew. Mine still flies and I still remember. I will never forget.

My utmost respect goes to those women and men (FF, PD, and EMT/Paramedics) who fought so hard for our country IN our OWN country saving and attempting to save the lives of those 1000’s of people on 9/11… And to those who lost loved ones on that traffic day, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lets remember today that we live in the greatest nation on Earth, that we can and will rise to any challenge, and that our brave men and women who step on the front lines every day make us stronger. Never Forget today 11 years ago……………..

I was sitting in my 5th grade class, no one was told until we got home. That was the day my Grandma explained to me how there really are bad people in the world. I remember and I will never forget. Praying for all who have been affected by this tragic day in history.

Remember to give your loved ones a hug. Never take the days of your life for granted.

‎”Out of these ashes beauty will rise.” remembering all those who lost their lives 11 years ago.

9/11 Never Forget. Even though I was only nine, I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news. It was extremely scary being so close and knowing people in all areas that were affected. I am praying for peace to spread over the families who lost loved ones on this sad day and I also pray that the people lost that day will never be forgotten and be forever honored.

‎11 years ago today, I was at Lancaster Regional Medical Center, working on the 2nd floor PCU. It was Sarah’s first full day at daycare (she was 19 months old). As I went from room to room, doing morning assessments and passing meds, I saw all of the devastation, saw the 2nd tower struck, both come down etc on the TVs in each patients’ room… Heard a rumor that a plane was en route to three mile island, also heard that there were over 50 planes in the skies unaccounted for…. I prayed a lot that day for strength…. It took everything in me to stay at the hospital, taking care of my patients, when all I really wanted to do was go to the day care and get my baby and hold her while the skies were falling…..

Today we set aside our differences, for it is Patriot Day, and a day of remembrance in honor of our fellow Americans who fell victim to those attacks 11 years ago. God bless their families, and God bless America.

I will never forget where I was eleven years ago today. I was sitting in my office at the World Trade Center in Baltimore MD. I had just hung up the phone with a client in the South Tower when I heard about the first impact. All of us in the office didn’t realize the severity of what had happened until the second impact. I was not prepared for what I saw on the TV when I got home several hours later. The client I spoke with that morning was gone, along with his co-workers. It was his first day back after having been out for paternity leave. His daughter was three weeks old. Today I am so grateful for our men and women serving our country who so selflessly protect, secure, and defend our freedoms.

11 yrs ago: Tuesday. Spanish class. Intercom announcement. TVs on. And the towers, falling like sand within themselves…no, I won’t forget.

I was in my 6th grade English class when the towers fell on September 11th… God bless America! the home of the free because of the brave!


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