“Ya ain’t in a small group!”

Last Sunday, Mike was talking about the importance of making a big church small: being engaged in a small group. I’m so excited that over 600 people joined a small group last week!! And hearing this made me think back to when I joined my (not really) small group (I’ll get to the not really part later).

Faith was new to me. And belonging to a church (let alone a church this big) was new to me. So when I walked into the Small Group Connection last year, my first and only thought the entire night was “What the heck am I doing?”. I went through a few phases after that…

1) What am I doing?

2) These people are crazy.

3) Am I crazy?

4) Oh heck. Just join them.

5) This won’t last.

6) Okay, she just asked that we give this 6 weeks.

7) I can give this 6 weeks.

8) No way will this last 6 weeks.

Now… that’s a head full. But after 6 weeks, if someone had asked, I would have told them – “These are my best friends. These people are crazy. But I am too. So we’re crazy together. And we have a crazy good time.”

Mike said last sunday, “I’m sorry, but if your group has more than # people, ya ain’t in a small group!”. Whoops. We looked at each other after he said that as if we were all thinking the same thing “Too bad, Mike. We LOVE our small group”. Our last small group event summary went out to 16 people, and if you add to that the 4 people that have recently joined our group, that makes 20. 20 people in our small group! Sorry, Mike.

I would say though, that within our small group, are actual small groups. A few of us hang out more than others. A few of us know each other more than others. At first I thought this was not good, I don’t even know all their last names! But we’re learning each other’s last names. We’re learning each other’s hearts. We’re learning each other’s goals, fears, strengths, and dreams. And more importantly, we’re walking together.

I love my group. I love every single one of them. I love where we’re going. I love that we walk together. And I love that a big PC3 was made small for me. I’m proud to call Pc3 home.

Now, on to the next chapter of our book: The Reason For God.

Reach people.



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