Fight On.

It’s right here, and right now, that we’re going to make a difference. I can promise you that joining the fight against cancer is the greatest project you will ever take on, the greatest triumph that will ever be had. Why would you Relay?

I have always known cancer. I knew it took my grandparents, I knew my uncle had it, I knew friends that had it. But I never understood it. Cancer was just cancer, that disease. It wasn’t until my Rita was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that I was finally old enough to understand what was happening. It was also the first time I saw what was happening.

I joined my first Relay For Life event because it was the cool thing to do. The very next day, my parents told me that Rita had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Suddenly I had reason, I had a motive, and we had a fight to win. I Relayed for Rita my first year, and will do so every year until there is a cure. I maintain my hope in a cure so that one day no one will lose their mom or wife too soon, so that no one will lose their Rita too soon.

Rita was our next door neighbor, but was never just our next door neighbor. Every card I ever got was signed “Auntie Rita”, I got Hershey’s kisses just because, and lipstick kisses on my cheek too. I learned how to garden, how to sell girl scout cookies, how to make money, how to chase dogs, how to hike and live outdoors, and how to love; all with the help of my Rita. And then one day I learned fear, I learned to worry, I learned to pray, I learned to hope, and I learned to fight, all alongside my Rita.


Every Relay is different, but they are all the same. Relay stands for Hope. For Fight. And for the cure. I took last year off from fundraising, and I’ve regretted it every second. This year I’m setting another steep fundraising goal. But every dollar will be worth it. Every minute will be worth it. Because for every minute I Relay, someone is getting another minute with their Rita. One more hug. One more hike. One more pot of flowers planted. One more talk about school and boys. One more “I love you and I’ll see you soon”.

Every second I Relay, is another second that represents her fight against cancer.

The cure is out there. Please help me find it. Please help me save everyone else’s Rita.

You can donate here, or send a check made out to “The American Cancer Society” to 326 Racine Dr Apt #8, Wilmington NC 28403.

For the cure,



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