Quadarian and Tyrese

Wow – another amazing day at The Love Project! This morning we actually had as many volunteers as we had people to feed! What I love most about this, is that volunteers are bringing their children; teaching them to love in such a big way, at such a young age.

This morning I was absolutely humbled to meet Quadarian. He and his “little brother” Tyrese came for breakfast and I was able to get to know them a bit. After serving them breakfast and seeing how polite and grateful they were, I decided to try to chat with them a bit. I met Quadarian. He was over at someone’s car sorting through some clothes, when I saw him pick up an orange button down long sleeve shirt. He said “Look Ty, a nice shirt!” He told me how dressed up he felt when he got to wear a button down.

Quadarian and Ty are sleeping in a tent under the bridge by the battleship. They told me about all of their ‘neighbors’ who didn’t make it out this morning, and how they were sure they’d join next week. Quadarian has a big family, and took in Ty too, ‘taking care of him’ like a big brother would. They couldn’t be any older than me, and looked at me with big eyes as I told them that I went to UNCW. “Wow, college! – that’s neat” Quadarian told me. I can tell that boy has some dreams.

After talking to him about what some of their other needs were, he said that people have been very generous to them. They are warm at night and fed most days. “What I need is a job.” he told me, then explained to me about how he was going to take his application back to the Family Dollar today to see if they’d hire him.

They assured me they would be back next week, and came back over for one more “Thank You” before they left.

This project is touching hearts and changing lives. I can’t wait to go back.


One response to “Quadarian and Tyrese

  1. Very heart-warming post Annalee. We must find a way for all deserving youth who wish to go to college to GO! There are many trade positions which do not require college educations and are just as important as those who do. But everyone ought to be afforded the opportunity, and a GPA of at least 2.5 ought to be a criterion. There….glad I said it. Have a good day sweet girl. I love you.

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