I’m perfectly loved and alive.

I left Mike’s message yesterday wanting to ask the world two things. First, are you breathing? And second, are you living?

How is it possible that I left a series about death feeling inspired, safe, fearless (my one word!!) loved and alive? (The answer is in the first music video I have posted at the end)

Yesterday Mike summed up the series “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, but Nobody Wants To Die”. Heavy stuff… The second and third weeks, I gotta tell you I was surprised so many people came back (who wants to sit and talk about death?)! But more importantly, each week I sat there thinking of those I’ve lost too soon, those I lost in good time, and the fact that one day I’ll join them.

“Heaven, if one is to go there, is a marvelous place. Wouldn’t you agree?” Mike says that in his heaven, we’ll all be pelicans. That way we can fly with the waves, dragging our wings right through them. I guess everyone’s heaven is different, but the point is, Heaven is a marvelous and perfect place, that holds all the desires your heart could ever hold, all the people your heart could ever love.

Before this series, I would have told you that I was afraid to die. Now, I can tell you that what I’m more afraid of, is not living. Sure, it makes me sad as all get out to think that one day I’ll be taken away from Marshall, from my family, my children, my pets. But like Steve Jobs said, “even the people that want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there, and yet, death is the destination we all share”. Did you get that? Death is the destination we all share.

But if death is just another day, just the next step, then I shouldn’t be afraid of one day in the hopefully 29,200 days that I’ll get, but the 29,199 that I’ll waste by not living.

You see, we live in fear. No, not shaking in your boots, teeth chattering, shivering fear. But it’s still fear. The need for possessions, the need to love and be loved, the need for surfing, or fishing, or whatever… in the end we want all of those things because we are afraid that if we don’t have everything we want, then we won’t be truly living. But what Mike taught us during this series, is that because we are perfectly loved, we can love, and that is truly living. None of us on earth can love perfectly, but we are perfectly loved; and if you get that, you’ve got it all.

Are you going to die well? Do you live your life knowing that you are perfectly loved? Remember, living life isn’t about what you do or what you own. It’s about the perfect love you get and, in turn, the love you are then able to give.

Can I ask you those questions again? Ready?

First, Are you breathing? Good. God has given you life. But are you living?

“Love is here. Love is now. Love is pouring from his hands, from his brow. Love is near, it satisfies. Streams of mercy flowing from his side, because love is here. Come to the treasure you who search and you’ll search no more. Come to the lover, you who want and you’ll want no more. And all you who labor in pain. And to the broken and shamed. Love is here. Love is now.”

I’m reminded of these two songs through this series.


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