Using pocket change for change.

Okay – this about sent me through the roof. A commercial on hulu just said that McDonald’s Monopoly game has over $300M  in prizes. $300 MILLION DOLLARS in prizes. That’s a heck of a reward for buying fast food. (My personal hatred for McDonald’s is another topic). But let’s just think for a second.

Okay. $300M. For a game. What could that $300M do? If we all stopped running to McD’s to play Monopoly, and decided to put that $300M elsewhere, what could happen?

  • How many students could have their loans completely paid off?
  • How many homeless people could have a place to sleep? And food?
  • How many military men and women could we bring home and take care of?
  • How many families could have their homes saved from foreclosure?
  • How many children could be adopted and taken care of?
  • How many people’s medical expenses could we eliminate?

This $300M in cash and prizes, this happens every single yearWHAT? Come on world. Can’t we do better than that? This blows my mind. The fact that a fast food chain has so much money (actually their net income in 2011 was just over $5.5 BILLION), and this is the best they can do with it? Meanwhile, their Ronald House collection tins are basically rotting below the drive through windows. And they are probably holding the same few nickels and dimes that were in there a year ago.

What kind of money is out there that we aren’t using the best way possible? What kind of money are Americans wasting on useless, lifeless, unpromising items?

What are your thoughts on this? What would you do with $300M? I don’t care if it’s for yourself, for others… What woud you do with it? What do you think we should be spending this crazy amount of money on?


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