We The People of PC3 || A faceless photo shoot.

Are you a republican? Democrat? Northerner? Southerner? Gay? Straight? A pacifist? Hopeful? Hopeless?

How crazy is it that every four years, our meanest arguments come out of us and ruin friendships, reputations, and daily interaction? Should our political views change how we interact with others? I think sometimes we use our political views to hold ourselves elite to others. “I’m right and you’re wrong”. We do this with religion too, and we are that that’s no good.

One day I hope we can vote without going at each other the way we do now. Maybe one day we will all be able to accept everyone else’s beliefs no matter what they are.

Well, Mike is doing a new series called “WE THE PEOPLE”. A series on how to look at people with the political lenses off.

I can’t tell you the last time I was THIS excited – I got to spend Wednesday afternoon hanging out with the media team from Port City Church. So bring on the series trailer! On my Port City Birthday (yes I am acknowledging my 1st birthday at Port City – another post later on everything that has happened since I walked through the front doors of PC3 for the first time). We met downtown, and trekked over a few blocks each direction looking for the perfect places to use as backgrounds for our people / classifications. I was a pacifist, and hopeful. Others were Republican, Democrat, straight, gay, introvert, southerner, small business owner, etc.

Check out our day in pictures, then see the video below! Can you spot me?ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



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