Priorities. I don’t have mine right.

This morning was amazing. I got the biggest reality check this morning, and I’m so glad I did.

My friend Mackenzie came with me again this morning, and brought bags full of her grandfathers old clothes. We loaded these bags into the trunk and off we were! Then at breakfast, Rachel announced to everyone that we had bags of clothes in my trunk that they should go through and get some winter clothes out of! So after a delicious breakfast – they did. Like there was gold in my trunk, they rummaged through, picked out some outfits and walked away with some hopefully helpful winter items.


After I finished my breakfast, I glanced over at my jeep and saw the shoes I wore to the last wedding. OH MY GOSH. Now was a terrible time to remember that I borderline live out of my car. I keep my shoes, extra sweatshirts, and my beach stuff in my jeep at all times. Those wedding shoes and ALL of my beach towels and a new sweatshirt were all in the trunk of my car. I FREAKED. Ran over and dug through everything, found everything I could that was mine, and tossed it up front.

After a final count, I realized I only lost 2 towels, and thankfully they were two of the cheaper towels, and only one was monogrammed. So I hope that person likes my initials.

Point is. I flipped a load. I mean like panic mode, “they took my stuff” freak out. And then it hit me…

WHO DO I THINK I AM!? Seriously?!? I just lost two beach towels. These people don’t have homes. And the food I just served them is likely the only food they will get all day. So two of them have a towel to keep them a bit warmer tonight, and I’m pissed?! Are you kidding me?!! 

Talk about a reality check. Slap in the face. My life is awesome – and I need to remember that more often. If you’re reading this on internet, on a computer or probably a smart phone, stop and think how GOOD you have it. I mean really. We’re doing pretty well compared to those people who came for breakfast today. Just remember that.


One response to “Priorities. I don’t have mine right.

  1. We are a very spoiled people with our priorities all mixed up..Thanks for sharing..

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