A year ago today, I totally blew Marshall off at a party. #Denied

Yep, it’s true. Last year at the infamous Halloween party of 2011, Marshall spoke to me for the first time, and I TOTALLY blew him off. In my head was “he’s only talking to me because he’s been drinking. Not for me”.

But, when I next saw him, we had a little chat about how he tried so hard to talk to me at that party, and I kept walking away! OUCH! #Denied.

No matter. Most important thing is, that’s all behind us now. By January we were dating and happy as can be :) He eventually managed to win me over, and now I’ve got the greatest man by my side <3

But there will always be that Halloween party where I completely shut him down. And I’m always going to get teased about that.

I love you, Marshall. Happy 1-year sort-of friend-aversary.


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