It Was My Port City Birthday.

In January of this year, Mike challenged us to choose one word instead of making a whole list of resolutions. I walked out of church that day and I had my word: commitment.  Within a week, the word had changed: fearless. It’s a good thing Mike gave us til February to pick our word!

Fearless it was.

Now what’s all this My One Word business? Simple. Creating a list of New Year’s resolutions always leads to failure. Think about it, when was the last time you actually achieved every single one of your resolutions? I mean, there’s always one that beats you, or gets ignored, or is too much to even think about trying. So he says, choose one word. One word that you can focus on in every aspect of your life for a whole year.

So I chose fearless.

The 3rd week of October in 2011 was my first week at PC3. I was scared. I was going to church. I was going by myself. Just months before, I was so unhappy with my life, that I completely uprooted myself and moved here to start a new life, start a new me.

I walked in. I sat down. About 5000 people said hello to me. And then he started with that guitar. And those words. “All this pain. I wonder if I’ll ever find my way. I wonder if my life could really change, at all.” Whoa. I’m supposed to be here. Isn’t it crazy how those things happen – how you can hear just the right thing, at just the right time – how you can just know you’re in the right place? That’s all it took.

I stuck with PC3. I came back every week. I was a regular 11am-er, right up until the My One Word message. Starting out with commitment, I decided it was time for me to start volunteering with this new “home church” of mine. I never understood what that meant before, but suddenly I got it. This was my home church. I wanted more. So eventually, with my new word being fearless, I started volunteering (making me a regular coffee shop 9am-er), meeting people, and digging myself deeper into Port City.

In celebrating my Port City Birthday , I thought about everything that has changed so much for the better in this past year. Everything in my life is spiraled out of control – in every great way possible. In the last year, in and out of church, I have become SO fearless. I’ve made a place for myself in faith. I got Kenya. I met Marshall. I got a full time job. I’ve tried new things, and made new goals. And I’ve tried really hard, and almost learned how, to stop worrying about it all in the mean time.

Think about where you could be in a year. Think about what your life could be like. You can do it. I did it. Just pick one thing, that you want to change about yourself, and apply it to your life.

My life is incredible. I want everyone to find a place like PC3, and a pastor like Mike. I want everyone to take on the My One Word challenge. I know I’m definitely going for round 2 for 2013!  Check it out here – you can pre-order Mike’s book now! It would make a great Christmas present (hint hint, wink wink – now I’ll probably end up with 10 copies as Christmas presents).

Port City is reaching people. Port City is changing lives.


One response to “It Was My Port City Birthday.

  1. tears of joy in west jefferson tonight. So happy for you. <3 love you

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