Walking by Grace, with gratitude.

This week, Mike brought us into the GrAttitude series, well timed with Thanksgiving – where we all stand up at dinner and tell what we’re thankful for. Haven’t made the list yet? Don’t worry, you have a few days.

Be thankful all the time.
Mike reminded us today of 1 Thessalonians 5:18 In all things, give thanks. Wait did you catch that? In all things. Everything. All day long, no matter what. It’s easy to thank God for your wife when she makes you dinner, or for your kids when they behave all day. But that’s the easy stuff! You are also commanded to do what you think you cannot possibly do… be thankful in the bad stuff too.
Frustrated in bad traffic? Be thankful you have a car.
Tired after a long day? Don’t forget to thank God for waking you up this morning.

Grace doesn’t need to be repaid.
When someone does something nice for us, we feel grateful, and want to make sure we make it right. It usually goes something like… “Thanks for buying dinner! I’ll get yours next time!”

But this scenario totally changes when we’re talking about being grateful with God. God’s grace is a gift to you, and being grateful and thankful for that, simply requires living for Him. There’s no making up for it, or making sure you’re equal. You have been made righteous – you thank God, and that’s all you have to do.

Gratitude rises as grace is extended. When we have grace, we have it all. And if we have grace, we should be thankful to God every minute of every day, and walk with Him to show it.


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