Childhood reunions, and why you shouldn’t volunteer at a shelter on Thanksgiving.

On Friday night, Steve’s brother drove into town, and the 5 of us went out to Nick’s, and Front St. Brewery. It’s always neat to have Hope and Steve, and it was especially cool to have all three of my favorite Hammonds in town at the same time. And a childhood reunion – who doesn’t love those?


We were so lazy on Saturday and Sunday. I think all we did was go to church, and the grocery store. Oh and I had my tires rotated. Did you know you’re supposed to do that every 5000 miles? I didn’t. Apparently it’s free, so I’ll do that from now on, but that’s about once a year. How am I supposed to remember that!? I learned this about the same way I learned you’re supposed to do oil changes every 3000 miles. No one ever told me that. Was drug into the garage to be taught what can happen if I don’t do these things. Muchos gracias to Jason at Black’s Tire and Auto. Man’s always got my Jeep’s back. 

Today was a mix of packing and cleaning. Well, more cleaning and laundry. Anyway. I realized that we are using up candles so fast! We always have them burning when we’re home, and we’re using them up way too quickly. I think the only solution might be to finally go Yankee. Now taking donations and Christmas gifts ;) Seriously, these candles below lasted about a week and a half.


Lastly, how on EARTH am I supposed to leave my dog for 5 days! I’m not so sure about this. I’m sad. We’re gonna miss her. But hopefully this time next year she’ll be able to go with us when we go on trips :) (Oh thank God for Jeeps!)


Side note (borrowed from my friend Phil, because he really hit the nail on the head here) – please do not volunteer at a shelter or food bank on Thanksgiving. Yes, you read that right. On the holidays, they have so many people they don’t know what to do with. Odds are you’ll end up standing around doing nothing. Go be a good person on the other 364 days of the year. (You can skip Christmas too).


Happy Thanksgiving!

XOXO annalee


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