He was probably a cool dude.

The past two weeks in church, we’ve been talking about how Jesus is the Christmas tie, how he’s the link between us and God. The concept of God can come across like he is an un-earthly, unattainable, untouchable… being. But in this series, we learned that when it seems like we can’t relate to God, we have Jesus. A man. A man just like us that saw what we see, felt what we feel; a man we can relate to about everything.

Well, almost everything. There’s that one little piece about him dying to save the souls. That’s the part that defies logic. Makes no sense. Seems ridiculous! The bible says it’s love. Because of love, Jesus came. Because of love, he died. And because of love, he’s still around. Love defies logic. Love is crazy; and sometimes it makes no sense.

Problem. We don’t treat Jesus like a man! When people we love die, we still treat them like people! We miss them. Want to talk to them, be around them. But we don’t treat Jesus like that. We think that getting to God is some crazy maze that requires good deeds, faithfulness, and perfection. “I have to be better before I can try with God” or “I have to stop doing this before I can try church again”. False. God meets you where you are. And he does it through Jesus. Because Jesus was a man, who gets you right where you are.

To get to Mike in church, you have to call the office, who transfers you to his assistant. You can’t just stop in to say hello, or have a quick chat. It’s a process. A bit of a big deal. (Would you want 10,000 people just dropping by to say hello all the time? Ok, I would, but seriously – try to do your job while that’s happening. No way.)Unless you happen to be his daughter. She can interrupt anything, bypass the front desk, pass his assistant, open the door and barge right in. And it’s okay. Because she is his child. Did you know there’s a reason they call it being a “child of God”?

It’s because you have that right. When you walk with God, when you take your steps through the day with Jesus by your side, you have the right to barge in. Talk to him and get to him any time you want. About anything you want. Because Jesus was a man. A cool dude; who gets you right where you are. Who knows how to love you right where you are. And who will always be right where you are.

That’s a lot to take in right? It gives a whole new meaning to the song…. “and oh, I’m running to your arms, I’m running to your arms. The riches of your love, will always be enough. Nothing compares to your embrace”

So do what Mike says. Next time you go to have your quiet time at the coffee shop, scoot out the extra chair. Treat him like the cool dude he was.


2 responses to “He was probably a cool dude.

  1. amazing <3

  2. Timely message. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I forget to talk to Him

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