Ditch the long list of New Year’s resolutions – and pick just one word.

Wow. Mike Ashcraft and Port City Church have changed my life in many ways – but this has to be one of the biggest. My One Word (MOW) is such a simple concept, seems so easy, yet has the potential to change your life forever. It definitely changed my year!

(By the end of this post, I hope you feel the need to buy this book. Which you can do here. Shameless plug over.)

It happens every year – we make the long list of New Year’s resolutions in January. We break them probably within a few weeks, and then think “oh well. There’s always next year”. And by the end of the year, your resolutions are toast, and you haven’t actually done anything about it.

In comes MOW. You pick one word. Here’s how you do it. Make two lists. Have a pen and paper? Ready? Okay, list one: Who am I now? List two: Who do I want to be at the end of next year?

Now you could make a new year’s resolution for each one of those things. Odds are most, if not all of them, wouldn’t work out. So instead of doing nothing about everything, why don’t you do everything, about one? Mike tells us it’s better to focus on one part of you all year long, and form a new habit about it, than to fail at changing yourself entirely.

MOW for 2012 was fearless. Okay have Taylor Swift in your head? Move along… I chose fearless. My life (for a few years now) has been constantly putting me at crossroads. Do I do this or that? Live here or there? Work here or there? Try this or that? And I was always worrying about the choices I was making. Is this the best thing for me? Did I make the right choice? Am I doing the right thing? Is this the best opportunity?

Stop it. I needed to learn to stop the worrying, stop letting the anxiety of life takeover my decisions. I needed to be fearless, and trust that I would end up where I belonged, no matter the path I took to get there. I stopped worrying, started taking more chances, and oh my goodness how my life has changed! At the end of 2012, I have found the man of my dreams, a new full time job, genuine relationships, and security in my faith. How could I ask for any more than that? No, it hasn’t been a perfect year, but my word has changed how I handle the rough situations too. I don’t just think of fearless to get me to good things, I think of fearless to get me through the rough stuff too.

So what will MOW be for 2013? Well, let’s see. At the end of 2013, I want to be inspirational, organized, accountable, a light, focused, routined, and probably a whole lot more. So I haven’t picked one yet! But you’ll know when I do!

Be well, and do good.



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