Kissing 2012 goodbye!

Wow – 2012 has been a beautiful year! My first full year in Wilmington. I met Marshall. I got a full time job. I made new friends and found new hobbies. Some doors closed and others opened – and now here I am, 3 days to the end of the year, as happy as can be!

Today especially, my heart is so full! I just spent 4 days with family in Florida, I’m going home to Marshall and Kenya, I start my new job in a week. My first smart phone app releases next week for all iPhone users. I got to stand by my best friend‘s side at her wedding. We’re buying a house, and a car.

2012 was so awesome, that I’ve been thinking of ways to knock out 2013. I’ve come up with a few goals and things I’d like to accomplish.

1) Get financially organized. With a new job, buying a new car, getting a house, and paying off student loans on top of regular bills – I need to get seriously organized with my finances; including a regular deposit into savings. Thankfully most bills and paychecks will be roughly the same every time, which will make this pretty easy once I figure out the best system.

2) De-clutter / clean-house. We have so much junk. I mean really – so much stuff we don’t need. We don’t need half of our clothes. We don’t need anything in our guest bedroom closet (I know this because we haven’t touched any of it since we moved here). We don’t need the little trinkets all over the house. Truth is, we need very little of what we have, so this year I want to have less, but better quality. Get rid of the clothes we don’t really like, and only spend money on things we 100% want. Get rid of all the have melted kitchen spatulas and replace them with one good one. Get rid of all the mis-matched pots and pans and buy one nice set. Same with the dishes. Sell all of these books on amazon, and pawn off the movies and electronics we will never use again. 

3) Be a little more healthy. Marshall and I have recently changed our eating habits to incorporate more vegetables and less meat. While I can already see a difference, we have a way to go. The only meat we really eat anymore is chicken, and we’ve only been having that maybe twice per week. Veggie burgers, vegan hot dogs, and other meat-less products really can be good if you find the right brands. (Trust me, some are nasty). And this year, when I find myself running, I’m not going to stop. Last year I was up to being able to run 3 miles. I want to get into a 10k – while a big step, its definitely attainable (unlike the “run a half marathon” goal that makes the list every year).

So what am I going to do about it? The whole point in the My One Word campaign is to rid yourself of the endless lists of New Year’s Resolutions, and pick just one word. So what one word will enable me to do all of these things, and anything that might come up in 2013? I’ve thought of a few. Dedication. Better. Improve. Finish. But… I still need to pick one… 




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