Home Depot: like Pinterest in person.

Today we went to Home Depot to get some ideas and price ranges for a few upcoming projects. The house only needs paint and new flooring… but who goes to Home Depot without getting some extra ideas along the way?

The only solid ideas we left with were paint colors. In general, this is what we’re looking at. 

Light yellow kitchen… (probably lighter than this picture…)



Light tan main room (living, dining, and entry)


Light teal bathrooms…



And bedrooms just a smidge darker tan than the main room…


The goal is to keep paint colors beach cottage like, while maintaing a color that we can work furniture around. I’d rather re-decorate than re-paint. 

As for flooring – we both agreed pretty quickly on what we do and don’t like. Which just makes it fun. After a little research, we might look into bamboo floors instead of true hard-wood. Bamboo floors get better reviews, and are available for half the price! Keeping in mind that carpet installation is free (sweet deal from Home Depot), and Marshall can paint and do the kitchen tile… all of this put together is not nearly as expensive as we initially thought!

Then there were all the extra ideas that Home Depot so generously offers. New kitchen sinks (current sink is a little rusty), ridiculously large and overpriced appliances that we’ll never actually buy. And the concept of finishing off the porch as an extra room in the house. Ohy-vey. 

So hopefully within the next few months, we’ll have a house, turned into a home! I can’t say I’m excited about the moving process (again!?) but I am excited that this is the last time we will move for a very very VERY long time. 

Bring on the craziness!

xo the new homeowners 


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