I can’t dedicate myself to dedicated…

If you know me well enough, you probably predicted that my word for 2013 wouldn’t stick. In 2012, I went through 3 words in January before settling on fearless. And here we are in 2013, and I’m ditching my word.

Last week, Mike spoke about how your word forces you to focus. The whole point in choosing a word is to shave down that long list of things to change about yourself, and pick just one. The trouble is, dedicated is a great word. But it’s far too great to be my word. It encompasses far too many aspects of my life – and I don’t actually think it will make me focus; but rather, it will show up in too many areas of life, completely ruining the point of the game.

So we’re getting rid of dedicated. I know I know, what a cop-out. Quitter. I know. But really, My One Word can change me if I trust the process. And the first step in the process is to pick just one. So I’m back on the hunt for my word. I have til February first, Right Mike?

When I finally chose fearless for 2012, it hit me that very moment, that it was the right word. Within 30-seconds, I was faced with a moment where I remembered, be fearless. And I know that in 2013, I’ll have a word that crosses my path in that very same way. A word that will immediately begin to form me, while I form my habits around it.

I have so much to learn. Patience is one. Being thorough is another. Being dedicated is another. And there are a thousand more. Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find, ten thousand reasons and forevermore.

On another note… if you haven’t read I Declare by Joel Osteen, you’re seriously missing out. One simple concept, lots of ways to look at it. It’s all about speaking positivity over your life. If you say out loud “I’m poor, unhealthy, alone, and this will never change” – then that’s exactly it, things will never change. But if you say to yourself… “I am a miracle. I can do anything. I can be anything. I am okay, and I will be okay.” – then you are speaking positivity over your life, and positive things will happen. Just trust me on this one, you need to read it. Here, go buy it

Do good,



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