10 things… you don’t want to hear when planning your wedding.

In trying to hack on the long list of wedding-to-do’s, I found this gem of an article, clearly written by a brilliant smarty-pants who is a bit ahead of me. I’ve already heard a few of these things, can’t wait to see what’s next!

But seriously, wedding planning has been SO FUN! Marshall might go crazy with my kitchen-table-takeover, but like he (jokingly) said, “Hey I got you the ring, the rest is up to you!”

Nice try, Marsh :) You get to help, too!

After getting frustrated with hair and make-up choices, I finally sent this picture to Bethany at the salon and said "You know what, just make me look like Kate". God bless a girl who can answer with "Oh honey, that we can do! Don't you worry!"

After getting frustrated with hair and make-up choices, I finally sent this picture to Bethany at the salon and said “You know what, just make me look like Kate”. God bless a girl who can answer with “Oh honey, that we can do! Don’t you worry!”

10 things… you don’t want to hear when planning your wedding

Published on 16th Jan 2014 By Katie Byrne

From back-handed compliments to plain insults, here’s how to handle every negative conversation scenario

1. “Wow, I’d never have the confidence to wear a dress like that.”

Rational side of brain: this is totally intended as a compliment. We think. Irrational, over-ruling side of brain: OMG, what’s wrong with my dress?!

You chose your dress for a reason – because you love it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks – and chances are, it was meant in a positive way anyway!

2. “You talk about weddings. Way. Too. Much…”

Whilst we kind-of admire anyone who can be this brutally honest, we’re also rather at a loss. Why can our so-called BFF not understand that we only (hopefully) get married once, and want to talk about our plans until the cows come home? We were more than supportive when she tied the knot – and even took calls from her at 11pm about table plan dilemmas. Hmph.

3. “Ha – I never thought I’d see the day Colin went up the aisle!”

Hearing about your husband-to-be’s playboy past is never pleasant. But by the time you’re due to get married, you should know all about each other’s pasts (playboy or otherwise), so don’t let any last-minute stirring upset you. Shrug it off and jokingly refer to him as ‘Hef’.

4. “Wow, I’ve never known someone spend so much on flowers!”

Wow, we’ve never known someone take so such an interest in our floral budget! The last thing you need when planning your wedding day is someone judging the amount you’re spending. You and your groom have worked out how much you can spend on each area of your celebration – so get on with it, in style.

5. “Why can’t I bring a plus one?”

Because as you’ve already spotted, we’re spending all our money on flowers and simply don’t have the budget to cater for random extras. You’ll know lots of people who are there anyway – don’t make us feel guilty!

6. “Can I be a bridesmaid?”

Chances are you’ve already picked your bridesmaids – leaving you feeling rather awkward as you try to find the politest way to say ‘no’. Good luck with that one.

7. “Why are you making such a fuss? It’s not as if you’re not the first person to get married.”

Shrewd observation, Sherlock – but regardless whether you’re the first person or the zillionth person to say ‘I do’, it’s still your special day.

8. “Er – can I get back to you about my RSVP? I’m not sure what I’m doing that day yet…”

The guest who is perpetually waiting for a better offer is ridiculously irritating. You love him/her and all, but you can’t believe they would be so selfish as to imply they might not be able to make it to your wedding day. You have a table plan to sort out – and beside, what offer could they possibly receive that will be better than your wedding?

9. “You’re giving those, for favours? Really? Who’s going to want them?”

There is no response to this one. Don’t engage; just sneeze and pretend you didn’t hear it. On the big day, make sure your friend has a double-helping of whatever the favour is.

10. “Whereabouts is the church? I think we’re 10 minutes away…”

You’re literally minutes away from getting married and someone is ringing you for directions. Do you look like some kind of AA helpline? Hang up. (Or pass the phone over to someone who isn’t, you know, getting married. Totally your call.)


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