Why Pinterest isn’t a complete waste of time.

Alright, it’s true. Pinterest really is a time-sucker. We’ve all seen the memes that so creatively make fun of all the wives and mothers that spend hours on Pinterest; and the funny thing is… these jokes are all ON PINTEREST!

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 6.48.14 PM

I mean what did wives and moms do before Pinterest? How did they know how to cook, or organize, or clean or even raise their children? Sound crazy? Well, welcome to 2014; where technology runs our lives, and we couldn’t get by without it.

Now I’m not saying that Pinterest is a bad thing… I am one of Pinterest’s biggest fans! And I’m definitely that young almost-wife that needs the recipe ideas and organizing tips and tricks. I spend hours at a time on Pinterest, evenings, weekends, all the time. The funny thing is that if you walked through my house right now, you’d see that we should actually be used as the “before” picture on most home organization articles.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 6.49.26 PM

Here’s a few rational thoughts about Pinterest and all it has to offer, and the reality of what actually happens.

Oh! How to organize a home office!
I don’t even have a home office.    #pinned
Oh look! The best salmon recipe on earth!
Allergic to seafood.  #pinnedanyway
The best colors to paint your house.
For that cottage on the beach I don’t live in? #oneday
A DIY Nautical Wedding.
GREAT! I’m getting married! I can actually use this! #SCORE
Handmade onesies!
No kids. Not pregnant. Not even married yet. #slowdownslugger
Awwww, puppies!!!
Adopt all the puppies. All the puppies need homes. #pinned


Really, probably 75% of the pins we pin, are useless. VERY awesome and helpful, but unrealistically applicable to our own lives. But one day, when you have that event planning business, that might be how you want to set up your home office; where you can eat your salmon lunch at a cute little coffee table with your chic grey walls decorated with pictures from that Nautical wedding, with your 11 new puppies by your side.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 6.49.06 PM

But at the end of the day, Pinterest serves a great purpose… inspiration. Maybe this pin isn’t applicable right now, but maybe if you pin it, one of your friends will see it and find it useful. Maybe if you pin the half-marathon training regimen you one day hope to complete, you will inspire someone to train for their first 5k.

All in all? Yes, pinterest is a massive time sucker. Useful, useless, inspiring, and unrealistic all at the same time. And I love it.

So pin on, pinners, pin on.


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