In a busy world where everyone is striving to be on top, I find myself complete in knowing that I will always be in a journey. While you can continuously better yourself, and take on a new chapter in life, most people miss that exact point while trying to be number one. My goal in life is to always have something to work on – be it in myself or for the good of others – the point is not to sit and watch life go by, but to revel in it, and take advantage of each second.

The man by my side is my other half, my smiles, my laughs, my good mornings and good nights. We’ve created a life together over the past two years that I wouldn’t trade for anything, and I look forward to each new step in our lives knowing that what we do, we’ll do together. And, we’re getting married this year! Counting down the days to October 18th, 2014!


Then there’s our Kenya. In a time of chaos and growing, I took on my first real responsibility. This dog has given me more chaos, chewed socks, and love than I ever could have imagined. Waking up to this face every day makes each morning special.

So join me, Marshall, and Kenya on our adventures!

Be kind,



One response to “annalee.

  1. speakinginfaith

    What a fun blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Have a great week & keep writing!

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